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Practice tests, video lessons, diagnostic knowledge assessments, and personalized answers help you be ready on test day. offers easy-to-use and effective study tools that enable you to quickly prepare for a real estate salesperson license exam or real estate broker exam. If you need to get ready for one or more real estate license exams, we have everything you'll need to pass the test. From engaging video courses, practice assessments, personalized feedback and time management features, we've got you covered. These resources are designed to help you stay on track and review all the information you need to know for your real estate tests.

We created these courses to make your real estate studying process easy, convenient and fun. Here's how they work:

  • Consult our free informational real estate resources to identify the real estate license exams you need to take, as well as useful test-taking strategies and real estate license exam registration logistics.
  • Take a free 15-question diagnostic assessment for your real estate salesperson license exam or your real estate broker license exam. At no cost to you, our real estate license practice tests identify the concepts you already know and creates a focused breakdown of the topics you need to study.
  • Become a member and get access to our comprehensive real estate license exam courses. After signing up, you'll find video courses for over 30 real estate license exams, as well as in-depth real estate practice tests and helpful test prep tools.

Real estate courses from go over the pedagogical knowledge you need to know. Our carefully crafted video courses consist of informative and entertaining lessons that offer concise definitions of important real estate topics. The bite-sized short and engaging nature of these lessons allows you to quickly move through the course, and the included self-assessments help you check your understanding of the material along the way. If you ever have any questions or need extra help, you can easily reach out to our online tutors who will be happy to assist you. Our courses are designed by our curriculum experts to closely align with real estate license exam content, so you can be sure that your studying time is focused and well-spent. You can work through the courses from start to finish, or you may decide to review the specific lessons that your practice test results recommend. Either way, you'll be studying and remembering essential real estate license exam concepts.

We also want to make sure that you stay on top of your test preparation experience. We know that it can be difficult to balance work, school and everyday life with your studies, so we created a customized study trainer tool that sends out daily email reminders and keeps track of your progress. Just tell us your exam date and we'll make sure you manage your study time efficiently. In addition to reviewing our lessons and taking the full-length practice tests, be sure to consult our library of real estate informational resources. These articles help you learn more about state-specific testing requirements, real estate license exam registration information, upcoming test dates, real estate license exam passing scores, real estate license test results and much more.

To get started, take one of our free 15-question practice tests. There's no risk and no membership required. Let us help you crush your next real estate license exam today!

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