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An effective and engaging curriculum is a critical part of any teaching practice. A teacher's curriculum planning process encompasses many parts, including:

  • Determining the content students will learn
  • Defining learning objectives and standards
  • Planning units and lessons
  • Designing assessments and evaluations
  • Developing materials and assignments

While some school districts provide a pre-made curriculum, teachers often develop their own curriculum for use in their classrooms. Study.com is home to over 75,000 short and engaging video lessons that can reduce teachers' curriculum development workload and help students succeed. Teachers can sort our library of courses by grade level or standard to find the right level for their students, such as elementary school, middle school, or high school. Alternatively, explore by subject, including our math curriculum, English curriculum, and many more.

Our curriculum isn't just for students. Browse our extensive selection of lessons for teachers on curriculum development, from the process of creating new curriculum to the importance of curriculum review and revision. Explore new ways to use technology in the classroom, such as game-based learning and leveraging technology as a classroom management resource. Discover Study.com's collection of resources for teachers, including lesson plans, pre-made quizzes and activities, and more.

Teaching Resources

Study.com's collection of teaching resources enables teachers to find a variety of resources for both online teaching and in-person learning. Find expertly designed teacher-created resources to give students to supplement lessons, such as:

Teachers can use our library of teaching strategies to address specific learner needs and to explore topics such as using technology for online teaching, applying STEM education in the classroom, or learning how to motivate students through gamification. Teachers can also reference resources to improve their classroom management, or find help on topics like bullying in school and conflict resolution. Our collection also includes information on how to incorporate more social-emotional learning into lessons to ensure a safe and positive foundation for learning. Between the hundreds of lesson plan templates and curricular resources available, Study.com has helpful educational resources for use before, during, and after class.

Online Teaching

Teaching online can be challenging; it requires different strategies, tools, and technology than teaching in-person. There are many different modes of online teaching, including:

Online teaching often requires the use of a learning management system and technology such as e-books, videos, and discussion threads. Teaching online also calls for special considerations around student interactivity and course management.

Teachers who are new to remote teaching and don't know where to start can check out Study.com's advice for newly online teachers. Brush up on current best practices for online learning, like how to incorporate differentiated instruction into virtual classrooms. Watch short and informative video lessons on topics such as instructional strategies for teaching online courses and teaching with technology. Find tips and tools for everything from how to monitor the online classroom to assessing learning in online courses. Study.com helps make teaching online less stressful for teachers, and remote learning less difficult for students.

Professional Development

Effective professional development is an important part of any teaching practice. It helps educators stay up to date on teaching trends and research, learn new competencies, and strengthen their teaching skills. Professional development for teachers can take many forms, including:

  • Virtual or in-person courses
  • Professional events such as conferences
  • Networking events
  • Independent research

Professional development also includes the completion of continuing education units in order to maintain teaching licensure. The amount and type of professional development and continuing education units that teachers need can vary state by state. Different states can require a variety of re-licensure components, so it's always best to do research while selecting professional development activities. Our professional development guide for teachers can help kickstart this process.

On Study.com, teachers can get advice on how to create a professional development plan or develop long-term goals. Colleagues can strengthen their teaching practice together by learning how to develop and maintain a professional learning community at their school. Learn about local and state requirements for professional development to keep teaching certifications current. Get ideas for completing continuing education units online or reference our transferrable credit course options. Teachers can even research continuing education grants. Study.com offers a wide variety of resources for teacher professional development to help teachers reach their goals.

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English as a Second Language (ESL) refers to programs designed for students who do not speak English in their homes or those not fluent in English, including English language learners (ELL). As the number of ESL students in the U.S. increases each year, it is important for teachers to feel comfortable serving this growing population. ESL teaching requires specific training and strategies; teachers should adapt their style to incorporate ESL-specific teaching techniques to ensure they are attentive to the unique needs of ESL students. Study.com provides a wide array of resources for teachers to incorporate these strategies into their teaching, including ESL lesson plans, ESL-friendly games and activities, and ESL-specific assessments. Our site also supplies useful advice for online ESL teaching and information about prominent ESL teacher organizations, so that teachers have the support they need when navigating the ESL landscape. We've compiled expert strategies for teaching ELL students for teachers who aren't sure where to get started. Study.com also organizes the relevant information for teachers who are seeking formal ESL certification; teachers can reference our database of ESL degree programs and other professional development options so they can earn any credentials they may need to be successful. Study.com helps prepare teachers to deliver quality education to this growing segment of the student population.

Classroom Management

Effective classroom management is a core component of successful teaching, enabling teachers to establish a safe and nurturing learning environment. When teachers maintain a positive learning environment, students are better able to achieve their learning potential, gain knowledge, and grow as people.

Study.com helps teachers develop a personal philosophy of classroom management by providing a large overview of the different theories and frameworks that have been established within the teaching profession. For example, teachers can find several classroom management courses to add to their repertoire of techniques and strategies.

Besides staying current on research, teachers can also use Study.com to find actionable strategies for improving their classroom management, including templates for behavior management plans, examples of student learning contracts to deploy in the classroom, or ideas for involving parents in the education process. These resources cover all age-ranges, from elementary school classroom management ideas to high school classroom management strategies. By developing a comprehensive understanding of the various concepts of classroom management and utilizing Study.com's library of templates and articles, teachers can continuously improve their classroom management and feel confident in their teaching practice.

Teacher Certification

Study.com is committed to helping aspiring teachers obtain their teacher certification. Requirements can vary widely by state and there are many different teacher certification pathways. In order to help teachers navigate this journey, Study.com provides a breakdown of the specific requirements by state. The first step is earning a degree relevant to teaching, which is why we have curated resources for choosing a teacher preparation program. Once aspiring teachers have completed their degree, they must become certified. There are many paths, including online teaching certification and alternative teacher certification programs.

Study.com provides an overview of the different programs available and a breakdown of the requirements and advantages of each certification program so that aspiring teachers can choose the best program for their individual circumstances. As most teaching certification programs require teachers to pass pedagogical or subject exams, teacher certification exam practice tests and study guides are useful preparation tools. Many states require classroom experience, which means student teaching. Our site features dozens of articles with tips on how to start student teaching and get the required teaching experience. Regardless of where you are in the process of obtaining your teacher certification, Study.com has the resources to guide you through every step, so that every aspiring teacher can become an educator and impact the minds of the next generation.

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This is exactly what I've been looking for: it meets my needs - and those of my students - perfectly. Thank you
Study.com has been a great help for me. Sometimes I am teaching, and don't have books for my students.

Study.com helps me to understand what content to cover
I'm a new teacher to World history and the videos really help make the knowledge concise for my students and myself. Thank You Study.com team!!!
My students love it, it keeps them engaged, brings to life concepts that we are learning about and gives me great feedback! I've already shared it with at least 3 of my colleagues and we just got my principal to get us a license for 4 of us at our school!
I use Study.com to introduce concepts and give the student a chance to have a flipped classroom approach to homework.
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