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This was a very useful and stress free way to obtain information...STEM courses are hard enough, and parenting while trying to learn is an exercise in madness but this made the experience easier. The tutor who helped me was patient and kind, and not pushy, which i feel are vital traits for any tutor helping students with calculus.

Yanika C.

The tutor on was quickly available and walked my daughter through the problems she needed help with. It worked better than I thought just by using the chat! I really appreciated how the tutor kept repeating some of the basic principles of algebra one as they were needed for what she was doing. We were able to take that and apply it later as well.


I was honestly very, very happy. I liked the format, and my tutor was great...this was SO PERFECT for my situation this time. Makes me want to use for everything. Fabulous service!!! I had such a positive and helpful experience that I'm riding high on the awesomeness of it.

Kate G.

Amazing experience! I needed that little push to help me understand what was right in front of me!... The tutor really helped me understand what I was struggling with.

Brenda M.


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